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Basement Window Cut

Basement Window Cut

Delta Coring & Cutting crews have cut and installed over 10,000 windows in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. We make suitable basement windows that are big enough, and which adheres to the fire safety standards of your area, for egress. Moreover, you need the right tools (Hydraulic powered Wall Saws) that can precisely cut through concrete walls in order to prepare a space that is big enough for the basement window. Don't be fooled by those that use concrete chainsaws to cut basement windows. These saws use an excessive amount of water and can cause massive damage the interior of your basement.

We at Delta Coring are well-versed with cutting and installing windows for the basement of residential homes. Our team is up to date on all fire and building codes, and our experience in handling such type of projects ensures that we get it done in the quickest time possible.

Being professionals, we will first have a look at the area where you want to install or enlarge a basement window and take the exact measurements for it. We will then discuss with you about the time it will take to cut and install the basement window completely.

After analyzing the space where the new window is to be installed, we will give you an estimated price quote which will include all of our labor costs, service costs, and a few other variables. We are completely transparent in all our pricing and will go ahead with the work only if you are comfortable with the charges. All our basement window cut services are done with precision and skilled workmanship. And backed by our guaranteed, that you get only the best service when you choose the expert cutters from the Delta Coring team.

In case you would like to speak to anyone from our team before we visit your residence for a FREE ESTIMATE, then feel free to contact us at any time on our office line which is (306) 242-7747 during our working hours. You can also write to us at


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