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Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

Sawing and cutting of concrete walls are what we do best here at Delta Coring and Cutting. We have all the tools and machinery that are required to carry out these types of commercial concrete cutting projects. What’s more, or employees have completed multiple wall cutting projects in many commercial areas, and so are well-skilled and trained to operate wall cutting machinery and equipment. The hand-held saws which we use are extremely durable and are powerful enough to be used on a daily basis on the hardest of walls. Our employees are extremely reliable and proficient in handling the saws to make precise cuts on the walls as per the project specifications. Each saw we use have sharp blades to slice through walls very effectively.

We at Delta Coring & Cutting have many years of experience working on both small and large-scale commercial projects in and around the Saskatoon area. With the help of our highly skilled workforce and advanced 16" deep hydraulic saws, we ensure that every project is completed with the highest level of accuracy and within the prescribed timelines. Delaying any project is not our style here at Delta Coring, and we have the right tools and expertise to complete every project at the highest level of efficiency.

Contact our team for any commercial project which requires our specialized Wall Sawing services as we are the best in this business. If you would like to get an estimate before you hire our services, then you can speak to any of our experts by calling on (306) 242-7747 during our office hours. In case you need some more details about our services then you can also send us an email on mentioning the key aspects of your project and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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