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Slab Sawing

Slab Sawing

For years now, Delta Coring has been a part of countless commercial projects around the Saskatchewan area. We have a group of the finest slab sawing operators to take care of all different types of concrete sawing tasks with ease and efficiency. We use only the latest slab saws (both electric and gas versions) that can saw up to an impressive 16 inches depth. From cutting thick aiport aprons, to cutting control joints in freshly poured slabs, to cutting trenches for under slab plumbing or electrical, our high quality slab saws are versatile enough to deliver the right kind of results you are expecting for your commercial project.

The industrial grade slab saws that we use for all of our projects can efficiently cut concrete slabs in smooth, straight cuts. In the hands of one of our employees, this slab sawing task will be a piece of cake and will be done in the fastest possible time.  We strive to deliver the best of service on any project be it large or small, and we do not compromise on the quality of work.

If you still have some questions you might want to ask us, then you can speak to one of our executives directly by calling on (306) 242-7747 during our work hours. We are always available to resolve any queries you may have regarding our services. Want to discuss in detail about your commercial project? Well, then feel free to visit us at our office or send us an email about your project brief and we will do our best to reply back with the answers that you seek.


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